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Please bring $60 cash. I will be collecting all of this before we leave to the restaurant. Thanks!!!

I have 2 more spaces if anyone else wants to come. Let me know ASAP!!!

I can't have cancellations right now. If you aren't making it, I will collect $60 from you. The only person who I haven't heard from is [ profile] snow_kitty. Are you going? I just found out that Snowie isn't going. I know I am being tough but I have just put down a deposit on my credit card!!! It is a go with a private room and a cash bar!!!

Ok here is the final head count for Melting Pot. This is for Thursday, Jan. 18, 2007 at 8 pm. We will meet in the lobby of the hotel at 7:00 pm. I will print maps out this time before going over there. Parking was an issue last time but I hope not this time. I have 4 more spaces if anyone wants to come. Whoot. So looking forward to this. The Bear and I caculated the costs and it will come out to about $60 per person but this includes your four course meal (appetizer, salad, main course and dessert) a non-alcoholic beverage, tax and tip. Also, new for the evening will be a cash bar! We get our own private room as well.

The List:

1. Sabot
2. Me
3. Albear
4. Dex
5. Theome
6. Chiarocoon
7. Nevermint
8. Hunterkitty
9. Pyrophin
10. Mershallen
11. Ari
12, 13, 14. Karwood plus 2
15. Furahi
16. Opie
17. Jappodawg
18. Jimwolf
19, 20. Foxymoonheart plus 1
21. Joelly
22. Jaspian
23, 24. Fritz and Free
25, 26. Dia + 1
27, 28. Silver Mchowl plus 1
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